Fix It Yourself Plumbing

To call a plumber or not? We have all been faced with plumbing issues at home. From clogged toilets to drains we have all thought that we should be able to take care of this plumbing issue without calling a plumber.

Did you know what is one of the most common plumbing problem for homeowners? Dripping faucets. This can be a very annoying problem. Its annoying because it can be challenging to fix and it also can run up your water bill. You can be several months into paying lots of money before you even recognize there is any plumbing problem.

If you are like me, then I tend to lean towards the Do It Yourself approach to plumbing problems. This can be good and bad. The bad part of this approach is that it can lead down a pathway where you make it worse instead of better. One time I tried to fix my washer. After taking a part the entire washer, I still had not fixed the problem and there was no way the washer was getting put back together. It can definitely be a risk to try to fix it on your own.

However, there are lots of reasons to try to fix plumbing problems on your own. One of the main reasons is that you are able to save money as well as grow in your own experience of plumbing to gain confidence in your own ability to fix it yourself. The other reason that you can have the confidence to take it on yourself is because you have lots of resources at your disposal. We have so many resources like Google and Youtube to help us understand the problems we are facing and how to fix them.

With regards to dripping faucets, it takes a little bit of homework for you to begin to feel like a pro as you approach this problem. As water comes into your home, it travels throughout the pipes in your house. The water makes its way to the faucet. As the water comes through the faucet, it will overtime begin to wear down the washers. These washers are created to help give a water tight seal. However, as they begin to wear out, water begins to drip through the washers so that it turns into a leaking faucet. The simple solution to this is to replace the washers that have worn out. You can find lots of different resources for your particular faucet on Youtube. One popular plumbing company, Winston Salem Plumbers, have gone to great links to provide you with resources online that will help the average homeowner with their plumbing needs.

If you are going to go with the do it yourself approach, then the one thing you need more than anything is confidence. You need the confidence to know that you through certain resources can tackle any project. Your backup plan can always be to call a plumber.