Joys of Spring Skiing

Spring skiing Just the sound of those two words together brings a warm feeling to my heart. To me there’s never a better time to visit the great outdoors, and enjoy a wonderful vacation. It’s funny, as soon as November arrives, all of my friends clamor to get to the ski slopes. They go it various times between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and are basically done with the season come February.


While it’s great to hit the slopes during this time, it can also be one of the most brutal periods during the winter to be outside. Along with the fact that everyone else has the same idea to go skiing in November and December. So on top of the frigid wind, and large crowds, you are going to spend the most money when you go in the beginning of the winter.


Nobody ever thinks about going skiing in late February and early March. There is still plenty of snow on the slopes, and the crowds have thinned out. That makes the accommodations more reasonable, and ski rental deals are more abundant if you don’t own your own pair. I don’t know whether it is psychological or not, but everyone wants to ski in the middle of winter, and be done with it when the weather starts to get warmer. Little do people know, that there is snow on the mountain even in April. Most people are dreaming of the beach at that time, but there is still plenty of skiing that can be done.


Now let’s talk about the best part; the weather. The sun is much warmer, and the winds aren’t quite as heavy. There is nothing like going out for an early trek, and feeling the warm 50° sun in your face. You don’t even need to wear a coat. My favorite gear is baby alpaca clothes , including scarves and gloves, and a nice sturdy pair of jeans. That is all you need for spring skiing. You feel so much freer and in control when you are not bundled up under 50 layers of clothing. In fact, the most important thing you will need to wear is sunscreen. The new spring sun shining off the snow can give you quite a nasty burn. Believe me, I know.


After hitting the slopes, it is mild enough to sit outside on the deck and sip hot chocolate, or nurse your favorite beer. Just wearing a sweater The deck of my favorite hotel in the Pocono Mountains, overlooks one of the slopes and you can enjoy watching the other skiers while you take a break, or when you’ve come in for the night. You can even have your meals brought out to you from the restaurant, and enjoy the warmth of the man-made fire shared by the entire group.


So if you are a skier who is committed to hitting the slopes after Thanksgiving, try a different approach next year. Stay at home while everyone else is out skiing, and plan your trip for mid to late March. If you book your vacation ahead of time, you will get an unbelievable deal, and be able to get a nicer room than you would have if you went at the height of the season. And see what it is like to ski when the trees are blooming, the birds are singing, and the earth is coming back to life after a long winter slumber. The sun will beat down on your face, and the experience will be much greater than it is in the middle of a brutal winter. So give it a try, and I guarantee you, you will never ski in the middle of winter again.

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